Why BitZipp?

BitZipp mission is to bring cryptocurrency trading accessible to all in the simplest way.

Low fees, Easy user experience, all operations from one place, accessible to everyone

Allows you to store all your crypto assets. send all your crypto assets. receive all your crypto assets.

What has BitZipp Wallet to offer?

Send or Receive in privacy

To protect your privacy BitZipp Wallet allows you to store, send and receive all your crypto assets with total privacy.

Best Price

  • Always the cheapest when buying,
    the most expensive when selling
  • Best price on the market to BUY / SELL
  • Multiple exchange accounts are not needed, all you need is BitZipp wallet

Trade Arbitrage

  • Remove risk as far as possible
  • Buy cheaply in one market and sell it at a higher price in another
  • Easy Execution with a few clicks all from one place - BitZipp wallet


  • In a simple way with a few clicks, you can stake one or more coins
  • BitZipp finds and offers the best deals for staking
  • Simply put, staking is a process in which you hold supported crypto assets and receive a reward in the form of more tokens.

Multiple levels account

  • Less or zero fee, multiple or endless trades…
  • From START account level to VIP account level
  • It all depends on how much BZP Tokens you hold.
  • Higher level you are, more options you have.


Highly secure and versatile crypto wallet
which incorporates traditional and state of the art
blockchain security measures to prevent
platform from vulnerabilities and threats.



Bitzipp token allocation and use of proceeds


Bitzipp Token Structure

With the complex nature of the technology which underpins the Bitzipp platform, we have ensured our interface is easy to use for stakeholders at all levels.

ICO Token price

Stage one: $0.08
Stage two: $0.10
Stage three: $0.12



Token Type


Available for Token Sale

Max Supply 200.000.000 BZP
Stage one: 15.000.000 BZP
Stage two: 35.000.000 BZP
Stage three: 150.000.000 BZP

Total Supply


Token Issue

Within 10 days from the end of the public token sale



Know Your Costumer ( KYC )


Two-factor authorization


Accepted currencies



RoadmapBitzipp by date

Below you can find the history and future of Bitzipp token project.

2019 Q4

Inception of BitZipp project
Team formation
Martket research


2020 Q1

In-depth analysis of market and competition
Security analysis and search for improvements
Technical & stratagy development
Developing a better user experience
Concept development

2020 - Q1

2020 Q2

Official registration of UK entity
ERC20 token creation
Website launch
New team members

2020 - Q2

2020 Q3

Security development
Alpha version release
Partnerships with blockchain and tech players
Start of the first ico stage – private sale 0.08 usd

2020 - Q3

2020 Q4

Marketing strategy
Launch marketing campaign
Ico announcement
Improvement and futher development

2020 - Q4

2021 Q1-Q2

Continuing with marketing campaign
Start of the second stage of ico – pree sale 0.10 usd
Open voting
MVP release
End of pre-sale

2021 - Q1-Q2

2021 Q3-Q4

Token allocation from pre-sale
Start of the last stage of ico – main sale 0.12 usd
End of main sale
Tokens allocation from sale
Token listed on exchange

2021 - Q3-Q4

Bitzipp platform

Ease of usebetter experience

With the complex nature of the technology which underpins the Bitzipp platform, we have ensured our interface is easy to use for stakeholders at all levels.

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