Bitzipp token allocation and use of proceeds


Bitzipp Token Structure

With the complex nature of the technology which underpins the Bitzipp platform, we have ensured our interface is easy to use for stakeholders at all levels.

ICO Token price

Stage one: $0.08
Stage two: $0.10
Stage three: $0.12



Token Type


Available for Token Sale

Max Supply 200.000.000 BZP
Stage one: 15.000.000 BZP
Stage two: 35.000.000 BZP
Stage three: 150.000.000 BZP

Total Supply


Token Issue

Within 10 days from the end of the public token sale



Know Your Costumer ( KYC )


Two-factor authorization


Accepted currencies



RoadmapBitzipp by date

Below you can find the history and future of Bitzipp token project.

2019 Q4

Inception of BitZipp project
Team formation
Martket research


2020 Q1

In-depth analysis of market and competition
Security analysis and search for improvements
Technical & stratagy development
Developing a better user experience
Concept development

2020 - Q1

2020 Q2

Official registration of UK entity
ERC20 token creation
Website launch
New team members

2020 - Q2

2020 Q3

Security development
Alpha version release
Partnerships with blockchain and tech players
Start of the first ico stage – private sale 0.08 usd

2020 - Q3

2020 Q4

Marketing strategy
Launch marketing campaign
Ico announcement
Improvement and futher development

2020 - Q4

2021 Q1-Q2

Continuing with marketing campaign
Start of the second stage of ico – pree sale 0.10 usd
Open voting
MVP release
End of pre-sale

2021 - Q1-Q2

2021 Q3-Q4

Token allocation from pre-sale
Start of the last stage of ico – main sale 0.12 usd
End of main sale
Tokens allocation from sale
Token listed on exchange

2021 - Q3-Q4


FAQfrequently asked questions

Do you have some questions for us? Below we prepared a list of frequently asked questions for you.

1. What is BZP Token Price?

  • Private sale: 0.08 USD ( finished )
  • Pre-sale : 0.10 USD – ( finished )
  • Main sale: 0.12 USD ( we are here now)

2. How many BZP token will be available for sale?

  • 15M in early entry
  • 35M in pre-sale
  • 150M in main sale
  • Total token for sale: 200M

3. What Payment methods can I use to make purchase?

  • To make a purchase you can use the following payment methodes:
  • early entry: USD, EUR. BTC, ETH ( closed )
  • pre-sale and main sale; BTC, ETH, USDT ( we are here now )

4. How can I buy BZP token?

  • go to your account,
  • click on the tab BUY TOKEN,
  • select a payment method
  • enter the amount of BZP Tokens you want to purchase
  • click confirm
  • after that, the receiving address will be displayed
  • send the equivalent amount form your wallet to displayed address
  • BZP amount will appear in your account shortly

5. How long does it take to get my BZP Tokens in my account?

  • You will receive automatic mail as soon as transaction gets confirmed on the blockchain.

Usually this takes minutes but sometimes can take up to some hours, depending on which wallet you are sending from. If you don’t get any confirmation after 6 hours contact us on [email protected] or via Live Chat.

6. Do you have referral program?

  • Yes, as a referrer you will receive your referral bonus for each purchase no matter how many purchases your referee makes. The referral program has no limits, you can refer as many friends as you want.

7. How many tokens will be gnerated?

Total supply for sale is 200.000.000 which means 55.56% for sales. There are the max supply of 360.000.000 and no more tokens will be created. 160.000.000 of those are treasury tokens and will be minted over next years.

8. Is the BZIP token burnable?

Burning mechanism: From buybacks and certain transaction fees, Burning will continue until at least half of max supply of BZP tokens are burned. 

9. How the token will be useful?

BZP token is like a fuel of the mechanism, it is indispensable for the operation and further development of the BitZipp system 

10. How to register?

Click HERE, fill the required filds: Full name, email address, chose password, read and accept terms and conditions and click create account. Last step, check your emil and verify your account.

11. Do I have to do KYC?

All participants must pass KYC. To prevent anti-money laundering or terror financing we need to check the identity of every participant. This is a legal requirement. We will not use this data, or share it with anyone else.

12. How can I secure my account?

You can secure your account with 2-step verification (2FA)

2FA increases the security of your account. Even if somebody guesses your password, they won’t be able to access your account.

How to enable 2FA:

-log in to your account and navigate on profile tab

-on the bottom click Enable 2FA

-on your phone install 2FA app from Google Play or App Store

-scan QR code on app

-enter the code to verify

13. Why do I need to enter a wallet address that supports ERC20 tokens?

In order to receive your BZP tokens you will be asked to enter your unique wallet address in your dashboard.

We recommend using Metamask or MyEtherWallet but you may also use other native Ethereum wallets as long as they are ERC-20 compatible.

14. My KYC status is pending. How long does it take to have my KYC application approved?

Once you have submitted your KYC application with your detailed documents for verification, our Support Team will check if your document meets regulatory compliance and standard requirements. Please make sure that your verification documents are compliant with our guidelines. Please wait for email notification about your KYC status. Please check all your email, including junk/spam mail. The procedure might take up to 72 hours depending on the volume of applications.

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